BruhBot is my DLive bot created using the open-source creativebot project

Main Commands

Hover over a command name to view its aliases

!help Posts a link to this page
!uptime Returns the time since the current stream started (HH:MM:SS)
!vibecheck Checks your vibe points [info]
!multichat Links to my DLive/Twitch multichat tool
!giveaway Links directly to the giveaway section of this page
!stickers Links directly to the stickers section of this page
!lino Displays your unlocked LINO balance (not lemons)
!discord Posts an invite link to a server you should join
!youtube Posts a link to a youtube channel you should subscribe to
!woter Submits an urgent request for fredward to succ some woter
!age I'm 15, please stop asking.
!bruh The bot is very buggy. You'll be using this a lot :)

Vibe Points

Vibe Points are an indication of your level of vibe - you earn them automatically by chatting (1 point for every 5 minutes you're active in chat) or donating (1 lemon = 1 point, so if you donated a diamond you'd get 100 points)

You can use your vibe points to assert your dominance over less-vibely individuals, and you can also use them to buy entries to any active giveaways/lotteries

To check how many vibe points you have, use the !vibecheck command. You can also use !points and !bal

Giveaway List

Giveaways are lottery-style events where you can purchase tickets using vibe points. The more tickets you have, the greater your chance to win. Giveaways can be for anything, from lemons to game keys, gift cards etc.

There is a list of currently running giveaways below, including the command to enter and the cost in Vibe Points per ticket. To enter a giveaway, type the giveaway command followed by the number of tickets you want to purchase.

!example There are no currently running giveaways, 69
!example so this list is filled with examples. 420

Sticker Commands

Sticker commands are commands linked to a specific sticker I like. When you type a sticker command in chat, BruhBot will send the corresponding sticker for you to save and enjoy